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Berlin Associates

7 Tyers Gate, London SE1 3HX

44 (0) 207836 1112

Laura Reeve

Stacy Browne

I moved to Paris in my late teens for adventure and found a new world , after a couple of years I returned to London to study at the London School of Dress Making and Design , to learn a skill and explore what I felt was my creative path .

When I returned to Paris I worked at the Atelier du Costumes in Paris to consolidate what I had learned and

to gain practical experience and insight to the real world of costumes and their production.

Since then I have been fortunate in having the opportunity to assist Costume Designers and then create costumes for many years in France for Films, Television productions and Theatre. This has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of costume and fashion in the context of the pressured environment of real world productions.

Being English but with an almost native feel for France my experience has given me a wider vision of form and style which has allowed me great flexibility in the design , practical and administrative requirements of this demanding profession.

My training and experience has taught me that flexibility and budgetary awareness are the essential qualities that I can bring to each project be it historical , contemporary or fantasy.
I fully appreciate that research, where required, is essential ,just as much as imagination is required to move fluidly between the requirements of the text and feel of the world that the director and the production are seeking to create .


To date I have worked with French , American , English  and Iranian directors and I am very ready for the next challenge to my creativity as well as my practical skills.


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